Everyone likes to follow people on social media. From celebrities to role models, we’ve all become legit internet stalkers. Recently, the trend has expanded to the world of mobile development, with developers wanting to follow the right and important people. Call it the new hype, call it the new buzz, call it whatever you like – it’s the hottest thing right now.

These leaders of the mobile development pack provoke thoughts, as well as educate and influence everyone around them. They’re a great resource to learn about industry news and events, insights and forecasts, get introduced to the industry’s tricks and treats, and here and there even get some good old-fashioned gossip. Lord knows how they find the time to keep updating and buzzing around.

These influencers are definitely the kind you want to form a professional relationship with if you wish to get good advice every now and then or boost your career! Following, liking or retweeting is always a nice start.

Listed below are just a few (out of the many) top mobile app development industry influencers to get to know and engage with:

Top Mobile App Development Industry Influencer: Benedict Evans

Benedict Evans

Blog: http://ben-evans.com/
linkedin profile benedictevans
twitter profile @BenedictEvans

With a highflying job as partner at Andreessen-Horowitz (one of Tech Crunch’s top 10 VC firms), Evans’ data-obsessed approach makes him a great influencer to add to your following list. He is known for his analysis of the mobile app development industry and confident conclusions supported by data, news, and of course his personal experience.

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Top Mobile App Development Industry Influencer: Jake Wharton

Jake Wharton

Blog: http://jakewharton.com/blog/
linkedin profile jakwharton
twitter profile @JakeWharton

If you’ve been an Android developer for longer than a month and have not yet come across Jake Wharton’s name or libraries, you’re doing something wrong.

Wharton, creator of ActionBarSherlock and NineOldAndroids, an Android engineer at Square Inc. has made the top influencer list for a number of reasons. Not only is he successful in his field, but he’s also active, highly connected and approachable when it comes to his fan base of over 21K on twitter. Tweeting quality content and engaged regularly, Wharton is sure to continue his work both as an active professional and an industry influencer. Plus, he maintains a successful blog with over 28K visits.

Top Mobile App Development Industry Influencer: Peggy Ann Salz

Peggy Anne Salz

linkedin profile peggysalz
twitter profile @peggyanne

Analyst, author, researcher and content strategist are just a few of the many hats worn by Peggy Ann Salz. Salz, an internationally recognized writer with reports, eBooks, whitepapers and over 300 articles covering mobile marketing, loyalty and trends has an established industry presence. With a strong interest in the world of mobile, and research-supported conclusions on how these technologies define our daily lives, Salz is a great influencer in the industry and one to learn from regarding what is trending and what leads to product success.

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Top Mobile App Development Industry Influencer: Xavier Ducrohet

Xavier Ducrohet

linkedin profile xducrohet
twitter profile @droidxav

Super knowledgeable on the subject of computer science and mobile app development, Ducrohet knows what he’s talking about when it comes to IDEs, build systems, and Continuous Integration.

Ducrohet is a confident candidate when it comes to influence because he has already proven his influence by introducing several successful software applications to the market. Definitely one to look for to keep current with what’s coming next on the SDK and app development scene.

Top Mobile App Development Industry Influencer: Luke Wroblewski

Luke Wroblewski

linkedin profile lukew
twitter profile @lukew

Created software that 700 million people use worldwide, how’s that for influence, huh?

Internationally recognized Luke Wroblewski has done exactly that. With a resume that quotes selling companies to Google and Twitter, and working at companies such as EBay and Yahoo, Wroblewski is one to follow. Tweeting all things Android (tips, tricks and latest trends), Wroblewski has proven past success when it comes to influencing development.

With his current role and 155K following his every action on Twitter, he is one to follow.

Top Mobile App Development Industry Influencer: Andrew Chen

Andrew Chen

Blog: https://andrewchen.co/
linkedin profile andrewchen
twitter profile @andrewchen

Uber has had a drastic influence on the way we view and take transportation, no less than the man behind it all.

Andrew Chen is responsible for the growth of Uber and has been involved with some heavyweight brands such as Barkbox, Dropbox, Grovo, and Product Hunt. No doubt he will continue to be a key influencer in the world of mobile app development. Chen is already serving as an advisor and investor to many tech startups, offering his unique advice and insights into the state of mobility, making him very influential.

Top Mobile App Development Industry Influencer: Harry McCracken

Harry McCracken

linkedin profile harrymccracken
twitter profile @harrymccracken

For years, Time magazine has introduced us to the most influential people in a variety of fields. It’s time to introduce you to one of Time magazine’s past editors, a key influencer in the mobile industry.

McCracken is now the technology editor for Fast Company and has over 87,000 people interested in what he has to say and share on Twitter alone. Interested in sharing his thoughts on enterprise mobility, IoT, and mobile apps, McCracken will be a confident influencer when it comes to forecasting future trends and technological developments.

Top Mobile App Development Industry Influencer: Dianne Hackborn

Dianne Hackborn

linkedin profile Diannehackborn
google+ profile DianneHackborn

With a Master’s degree in computer science from Oregon State University and her involvement with big brands like Google and Palm Source, Hackborn is on our most influential on the list. Her Google plus following of over 28,000 is strong and growing with people interested in hearing and seeing what next she’ll bring to the market.

Hackborn’s credibility is fueled with over 17 years of hands-on experience in the Android market, a number of articles and interviews, an increased social following, passion and no indication that she is ready to stop.

Top Mobile App Development Industry Influencer: Brian Solis

Brian Solis

Blog: http://www.briansolis.com/tag/blog/
linkedin profile briansolis
twitter profile @briansolis

As a digital analyst, speaker and author, Solis communicates interesting reports on business trends and offers companies direction and advice on change management. His work already credited with influencing the early digital and social marketing landscape, Solis is an influencer to companies, developers and consumers. With constant reports on how social media operates, people are sure to join the army of 266K people already being influenced by his credible tweets, and industry contributions.

Top Mobile App Development Industry Influencer: Sam Shank

Sam Shank

linkedin profile samshank
twitter profile @samshank

Shank, co-founder of Hotel Tonight, must have a trophy shelf packed to the brim. Winner of the Stevie® Awards for Executive of the Year: Hospitality & Leisure, San Francisco Business Times’s 40 under 40, Business Insider’s Visionary CEO and Business Insider’s CEOs on the Brink of Greatness. You can see why he’s an industry influencer.

Another thing Shank is famous for is not being afraid to say what he thinks. It is knowledge, success and credibility that make Shank a key influencer to watch in mobile app development.

Listed in Mobile FOMO top influential list and Rise’s Top 500 CEO’s.

Top Mobile App Development Industry Influencer: Kevin C. Tofel

Kevin C. Tofel

linkedin profile kevinctofel
twitter profile @KevinCTofel

With a career of over 20 years’ worth of experience as a content writer, programmer, analyst, podcast host and project manager, Tofel is well versed when it comes to the world of mobile development. Under his belt are 21K following, 33% retweet ratio, and publications in PC World, The New York Times, Fox Business and NBC News. All that makes Tofel an extremely viable top industry’s influencer. He has some amazing things to say, backed by extensive experience providing credibility and a voice that people will listen to.

Final Words

In such a changing and growing industry, it’s not only about what you’re watching, but who you’re watch too. These top influencers are playing a major role in the future trends and developments of the mobile app industry. They bring expertise, a strong following and above all a strong voice amongst developers, users and investors.

Do you know of anyone else who must be added here? Please, send us an email to: contact@safedk.com!